Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a ‘data subject’ you have rights over how your personal data is stored, transmitted and used. These rights are overseen by the relevant national authorities and in the UK by the Information Commissioner. This Privacy Policy sets out how I aim to respect those rights.

1. This site collects analytical data in anonymous format for use by Google Analytics. Please see their policy on handling data here.

2. If you complete the contact form you will be asked to provide personal data. This is to help prevent spam. This will also allow a response if you agree to your personal details being used in that way. You will also have the choice to  ‘opt in’ to my mailing list and to receive  information related to my art and art related events (wtih no obligation on my part to send such information).

3. Any information you supply will be stored securely and will not be passed to any third party unless required by legislation. You may withdraw your consent at any time and request any stored personal information to be deleted by submitting a new contact form using the same email address. Mailing list communications will also contain an option to be removed from the list and to have your personal information deleted.

4. When you complete the contact form you are agreeing to any personal information you supply being processed and stored electronically for the purposes that you select. If you do not select to receive a response or to be added to my mailing list then your personal information will not be retained unless required by law. Where you have opted to allow your data to be used it will only be retained for so long as that use is still relevant or until such time as you withdraw your consent for it to be used. 

By using the contact form you agree that its use is governed by English law and falls under the jurisdiction of the English courts.